A Little Something About Me And My Company

As a child I watched the woman in my life turn to unsuspecting ingredients like coconut water and curd to solve the most complex skincare problems. I too started using Sandalwood to solve my acne problem and papaya to get that instant glow and fuller’s earth to keep my skin fresh. I wondered why anyone would ever want to buy a store bought blackhead removal cream when you could use activated charcoal to solve it. It felt impersonal to me. I wanted to bring the magic of natural skincare to everyone. This was how Tvachamrit was born

At Tvachamrit we believe that it’s possible for you to solve every skincare problem using natural solutions and clean and green formulations.

You can check out our archive of DIY recipes to help you solve all kinds of skincare issues ranging from persistent blackheads to skin brightening techniques or you can head on over here to checkout some of our custom made products.

You might wonder why you might want to give natural skincare a shot. The short answer is that it’s cheaper, non-toxic and honestly, more effective.

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