What is Matcha & how did it help me heal and calm my skin?

Matcha Powder is the new rad ingredient in all the latest (and also

traditional Japanese ) beauty, personal care and lifestyle products. It’s a

magical green powder that when consumed either in a drink or applied

topically helps in clearing up acne and fighting signs of aging.

Let me tell you how Matcha has changed my life – FOR GOOD.

Running around and working in the mid-afternoon sun had made my skin

extremely tanned and patchy. Being the self proclaimed beauty guru that I

am, I knew that applying Matcha would help me with this new issue that I

was facing. However, I should mention here that I had never till then

experimented with Matcha before.

And oh boy! How glad am I that I did!

A regular topical application of Matcha (in the form of Tvachamrit’s Mint &

Matcha Body Scrub or a simple mask made by mixing water with matcha

powder) helped me control and fight the sun damage that was causing my

skin to age and look patchy.

How you ask?

Matcha has gentle exfoliating properties that eliminate dead skin cells and

rejuvenate the underlying layer. This helps in imparting an even look to the

skin and also enhance its radiance.


Matcha has 100 times more anti-oxidants than regular green tea. This is

the “magic” in the Matcha. Anti-oxidants eliminate free radicals in the skin

which cause sun damage, tanning, age spots, uneven skin tone and even


Further, Matcha is also known to boost the production of collagen in the

body which in turn imparts to the skin a youthful plump look.

OKAY!! Enough about the aforementioned skin issues! Matcha is replete

with beautifying properties, so let’s talk about how it helps fight acne.

Matcha contains tonnes of catechins which reduce the swelling and

redness of the skin (read anti-inflammatory properties) which in turn helps

in controlling the pesky acne bumps on the face (& /or body). It also limits

the production of sebum on the skin which makes your skin less prone to


There you go! That’s enough information in one article to convince you to

make a Matcha pack right away!! And if you’re not the kind of person who’s

into DIY, head over to our products section to purchase our Deeply

Refreshing Mint & Matcha Body Scrub.

P.s.: It can also be used as a body mask and is safe to use on the face as


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