Hey guys!! I hope you and your loved ones are doing fine in these testing times. I pray that the world rids itself of COVID-19 soon but until then, lets make the most of staying at home.

Let’s face it guys, being home day in day out can get boring!!! Buttttt that also means we have ample time (read: no excuses) for self care. And what better way of practicing self care than some fun DIY skincare recipe!?

So here’s presenting an easy peasy recipe for a face mask using ingredients that you’ll surely find in any Indian home.

I call this mask the YELLOW JELLO!

Ladies & gentlemen (we appreciate men who take care of their skin ❤) let me tell you what this magical potion does.

This mask is life changing, no kidding! Your skin will glow in an instant. It’ll be hydrated, supple, soft & nourished. It’ll give your face a natural lift and regular application of this pack will prevent formation of fine lines & wrinkles. Further it’ll kill any bacteria causing acne and will impart an even tone to your facial skin. It’s a super mask that has many benefits.

Sounds fancy, right? WRONG! This face mask couldn’t be easier to make.


All you need is 1 table spoon of Gondh (Tragacanth Gum), Turmeric Powder,

Milk & Honey.

1) Gondh – It is an edible gum which is basically made by dried sap extracted from the bark of Babool tree commonly found all over India. It is easily available in any local market/ food store and is usually found in Indian kitchens! It imparts the anti-ageing properties to the face mask.

2) Milk – Ahhh!! What can I say about its skincare benefits! This is the star ingredient of the face pack. It gives the face pack the nourishing & moisturizing properties. (Sorry vegans, there’s no substituting milk in this face pack).

3) Turmeric – The instant glow that this face mask gives is all thanks to this wonderful ingredient. It will also help fight any bacteria causing acne

4) Honey – This will leave your skin hydrated and will ensure that the face mask doesn’t dry it up!


There are just two steps to make this mask.


Take a teaspoon of gondh powder (if you have the crystallized form, just crush a few pieces in the mortar & pestle) and add it to a cup of milk. Gondh tends to clump on the top, but don’t worry about it.


Now heat the gondh and milk mixture until the gondh powder is completely dissolved and the milk starts to thicken up.

Then remove it of the stove and add a pinch of turmeric powder to it.

Mix it well and let it cool for 10 mins


On a clean face, apply a thick layer of honey (and nothing else)

Then go ahead and apply the YELLOW JELLO face mask. Wash off when you feel like its starting to dry which usually takes 7-10 mins. and then carry on with your day & shine bright like the star you are!

p.s.: the reason we apply honey before the yellow jello is because Gondh can be a bit drying when applied on the skin without honey.

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